Are there child seats in taxis?

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to order a multi-seater car. However, within the web taxi service ( it is possible to order multiple cars for the same time.

How do I create a pre-order?

Within the mobile app, you can choose between time slots up to one month in advance by entering the route and clicking on the Later button (pre-orders are available in Prague and Brno if the distance of the route is more than 4 km).

Within the web app, it is also possible to specify a pick-up time in a similar way after entering the waypoints.

I want to ship a parcel, how do I do it?

Within the mobile app, select Send or Deliver and fill in the required addresses.

Within the web app, select the Shipments service.

I need a ride to multiple destinations, how do I do it?

Within the mobile app, click on Request, then select Multiple stops, and then provide the addresses directly to the driver once you’re in the vehicle.

Within the web app, add the addresses as a note for the driver.

Where can I find the password for the trip report?

On, click on Payments, then click on Summaries, then click on Summary Password.

I want to pay by company card, how do I do that?

In the mobile app, click on Payment Details, select Business (you must have been added by the account administrator as an authorized person). If you have the card details and are authorized to use it, you can enter them directly in your personal profile. However, this ride will not be included in the monthly invoice in the business account.

Can you drive my car for me?

We can’t supply a driver for your vehicle at the moment, but we are working on it.

I would like to send a shipment and immediately have the driver come back to me with it. Is this possible?

You can arrange such a shipment with the driver. We recommend contacting the driver by phone after the order has been placed.

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