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What are promo codes?

Promo codes are specific discounts for your next ride with Liftago. If the price for the ride is higher than the discount of the promo code, the difference will be automatically paid via the saved card.

How to use them?

Promo code must be entered to the app before the taxi order. Also it can be only used for rides paid by card saved in the app (see images bellow).

Example: You have XCVB4 promo code for 150 CZK for your first ride, so what do you do? Firstly open a app menu and click on “Enter Promocode”. In this window now enter your promo code and your are all set.

The activated promo code on your next ride with the discount amount and the time left is shown in the app.

Example: On the end of the ride, which costs 165 CZK, your card will be charged only 15 CZK. The billing info will then be sent to you by email.

Why is it necessary to have a saved card for the promo code to work?

The reason is simple: the driver gets a regular fare without deducting the discount, because the promo code is used via the app without the driver knowing. If the final price is higher than the discount, your saved card is charged with the differece. The entered card serves as a protection against abusing the promo codes – without this protection we wouldn’t be able to offer the promo codes. 🙁

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