Delivering just got a lot easier

We save top companies a lot of trouble. How are we gonna help you?

How are we gonna help you?

  • Same way we help the best

    Brick and mortar, e-shops, restaurants & cafes. Both big & small rely on us when it comes to delivery services, including industry leaders like or restaurants from Ambiente or Zdeněk Pohlreich.

  • With you within minutes

    We got you covered. Express or bulk delivery, we'll pick it up in around 5 minutes – weekends included. Got your own transport? Ok, Liftago will only manage what your drivers won't!

  • Here comes the cost saving

    Forget about costly packaging & labeling. The parcels go directly to their destination. No depot! Thanks to on-the-minute delivery, we reach an unrivaled number of consignees. No more returns & extra trouble with the same orders.

With your customer in mind

Scheduled, same-day or even express delivery within an hour. Choose your optimal delivery window and tell your customers when the goods will arrive already when they order. Thanks to real-time tracking for both you & the customers, we won't surprise them just as they hit the shower.

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Swift integration

Shipping with Liftago is super easy. It only takes a few clicks. Check out the options on how we can easily cooperate.

  • Web app
  • E-commerce solutions
  • API

Suited for smaller businesses or pilot testing: no integration needed. Liftago web app enables you to ship & track easily. All you need to do is fill out the necessary info or upload an Excel table and hit send.

Get started

Liftago is already integrated within systems like Shoptet, Shopify, Storyous, Spotsu and many more. Take care of deliveries from an interface you already know.

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Integrate our services into your existing interface. Tap into the densest delivery network within cities we operate in and get access to all kinds of our delivery options or build your innovations on top of that!

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