What if l forget something in the car?

During the first 24 hours after the rides, there's an option to call the driver directly via the app. Go to app's menu, select Help > Lost item > Call last driver. The call is provided through an anonymized phone gate, your contact info is therefore safe.

You can also contact us via e-mail (please always include a phone number/e-mail that's part of the Liftago user account the ride was ordered from):
- as a reply to the after ride e-mail
- via the app's menu: select Help > Lost item
- directly at service@liftago.com.

How can I share ride's info?

That's easy: during the ride, select 'Share ride's info' at the bottom of the screen. You can send this link to anyone you want to follow your arrival. Great way of letting others know you're on your way!

As a business customer, what taxi prices can we expect?

With Liftago, the drivers set the price themselves: once you choose to hail a ride, you'll see offers from driver around with you. This way, you can see the price, estimated time of arrival, car model and driver's rating from previous users before you get in the car – with Liftago, you're in control of how you get around.

What drivers & cars ride with Liftago?

Liftago has always cooperated only with licensed drivers. They are professionals familiar with the city. Moreover, they undergo training, and we continuously monitor their adherence to set standards. Before each order, you can choose from multiple driver offers based on the car category or driver rating and estimated arrival time.

Do you have enough drivers? Can we rely on you?

Our service is based on high car availability throughout the day. In larger cities, a car will arrive within an average of 5 minutes from the request, and in smaller cities, within 10 minutes.

Can Liftago help if we need to move around a lot of people (e.g. at an event)?

With our free business account you'll get access to our web which makes hailing multiple rides at once easy!

Can I order a ride for someone else, e.g. colleague, guest?

Yes! With a business account, you automatically gain access to a web application that allows this. Your colleague or guest doesn't need to have the Liftago app - once the driver is on the way, we will send them an SMS with the estimated arrival time and a link for tracking the vehicle's arrival including the car model, its color, and license plate number. Just a few clicks, and you don't have to worry about anything else!

Do your offer extra services, such as guest pick-up at the airport?

As a business customer, once you hail a ride for your colleague or guest, we'll notify them via a text message with ride info, including estimated time of arrival and a link to live-track driver's movement: this way the customer always knows where to look for the driver. 

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