How much are the Liftago courier services?

Courier services come as a part of free business account from Liftago. You only pay once you send a package: the prices are not set in stone. When demanding a courier via the app, you choose from multiple offers from surrounding couriers based on price, estimated time of arrival and even previous user's rating. This always, you're always in control.

How do you notify the recipient about an incoming package?

We'll send the recipient a text message with info about the package, including an estimated time of arrival (down to the exact minute) and link to live-track its movement on the map.

We need to deliver a package expressly, can Liftago help?

Sure! Once you want to send a package, a courier will arrive to pick it up within 5 minutes in bigger cities, 10 in smaller ones and will be on his or her way immediately afterwards. An important document or forgotten charger can therefore be on the other side of the city within minutes. The Liftago delivery network is big enough that you don't have to plan in hours or days in advance: once you need a courier, open the app and you're a few clicks away!

We need to bulk deliver multiple packages, can Liftago help?

Yes! Anyone with our free business account has access to our freshly released web app we built with bulk delivery in mind!
Got business account but not sure how it works? Contact us at!
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Are packages sent via Liftago insured?

Yes, all packages sent via Liftago are insured up to 9999 CZK against damage & loss by default. If you need to send more valuable packages often, do not hesitate to contact us!

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