Where are your services available?

You'll find the up-to-date list of cities here. We're working on further expansion. Got business in a city we don't operate yet? Let us know! We might be about to launch our services in your town, or you might push us to launch them sooner! )

I own a restaurant. There are several delivery companies to choose from. Why Liftago?

With Liftago, you only pay for the delivery itself: that means no fixed % from total value of the delivered order. No strict delivery zone within which we deliver: we can cover the whole city and you can serve loyal customers even from the suburbs. Restaurants by Zděnek Pohlreich or Ambiente chain rely on us because of quality: with Liftago, you'll only meet professional couriers who know how a proper service looks like.

I own a restaurant. How much is Liftago food delivery?

With Liftago, you only pay for the actual delivery: we don't charge a fixed % of total value of the order.  We'll shake hands on the price beforehand: we respect your margin, the price is based mostly on location of your restaurant and volume of delivered orders. To have an idea, the price for express delivery (often within tens of minutes, an hour max.) is around 130–200 CZK per delivery.

I own a restaurant. Within what hours do you operate?

Basically nonstop, 24/7. Our business is on a dense delivery network with high availability even during the late hours.

I'd like to launch an e-shop. How do I integrate Liftago parcel delivery?

There are multiple handy ways to do that! Got a ready-made e-commerce solution from Shopify or Shoptet? We've built a Liftago extension for those!  Got a restaurant with systems from Storyous or Spotsu? We've got those and many more covered as well! You can also take it into your own hands and use our API to integrate Liftago. Don't have an e-shop or just want to pilot test first? There's our free web app just for that! Contact us and we'll find the best solution for you. 

I own an e-shop. How much is Liftago parcel delivery?

We'll shake hands on the price together before launch. Our parcel delivery comes with a lot of cost-saving: the packages don't travel through depot, but directly to their destination. Due to absence of extra handling, you don't have to spend time & money on packaging & labeling, as we minimalize the change of damage.  The prices come down to the location of your pick-up point(s) as well as volume of parcels sent. To have an idea, bulk delivery costs around the same what our competitors offers( ~ 100 CZK per parcel). Express delivery of selected parcel within 60 minutes is around double the price of bulk delivery. 

How do you notify the recipient about the delivery?

Once we take over the package, we send the recipient a text message with estimated time of arrival (right on-the-minute) and a link to live-track the package's movement: thanks to this process we have an unrivaled delivery success rate. For you, that means less trouble with returned goods!

We're not sure if we can rely on Liftago when it comes to parcel delivery. What companies rely on you today?

We deliver for both big & small, including leaders in their fields such as Alza.cz or restaurants by Zdeněk Pohlreich. Liftago has sufficient delivery capacity to deliver your packages right until the Christmas Eve. Interested? Contact us, we're happy to help!

What payment methods is Liftago parcel delivery compatible with?

We deliver orders paid online in advance. We're working on compatibility with other payment methods as we speak!

We have a large e-shop, can Liftago help with parcel delivery?

Of course! Our delivery network is big enough to support you even during pre-Christmas craziness right until the Christmas Eve. Need proof? Alza.cz relies on us with parcel delivery as well!

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