Taxi done easy

Say goodbye to tedious expense management with business account from Liftago

  • Ride within minutes

    The driver will arrive in around 5 minutes (10 in smaller cities). You can watch him or her arrive in the app: no waiting around.

  • Safety first

    We only cooperate with proven, licensed drivers. They are professionals who know their way around the city. Our driver's rating system guarantees that we can keep up the quality you demand.

  • Forget cash & receipts

    Managing expenses just got easier. Once a month, we'll email you an overview of provided services alongside a single invoice.

  • Total control

    Only selected employees will get access to the business account. This way, you got spending under control.

Hang up the phone!

You and your colleagues will get easy access to all our services with a mobile app that enjoys a perfect rating of thousands of our customers.

We also built a web app with receptionists and personal assistants in mind. This way, they can tap into extra features easily, like hailing rides for colleagues & company guests, accessing premium cars only or other shipping & courier services.

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Get the most out of Liftago

  • Business errands
  • As dusk falls
  • Appreciate your guests

Getting to airport or around the town. Arrive on time and don't stress over finding that last parking spot.

I'd like that

Need to make a deadline? Let your colleagues finish what's needed and reward them with a comfortable ride home.

I'd like that

Important business partner? Aspiring applicant? Take extra step and welcome them to your company with a ride right to your doorstep.

I'd like that

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