Where do I add additional employees to my company account?

On business.liftago.com, click on the Employees button and fill in your first name, last name, and phone number.

Where can I find an overview of the rides?

On business.liftago.com click on the Payments button and then click on the Summaries button.

Where do I change/reset my password?

To change your password when logging in to your business account, click the Forgot Password button.

Where do I change/add a company account administrator?

Only Liftago employees can change the admin password, so please contact us at sales@liftago.com.

Where do I add an email for invoicing?

On the business.liftago.com website, click on the Company button and then click on the email to send invoices.

Where do I change my billing information (address, company name, company ID, etc)?

On business.liftago.com, click on the Company button and then click on Edit Billing Information.

I switched companies, how do I move to a different company profile?

Contact the administrator at your new company and request to be added to their business account.

I am unable to log in to the web application, why?

The account administrator should check to see if you have permission to do this. To add a person to the web application, click on the Web Order button and then fill in the person's first name, last name, phone number, email.

How do I order a multi-seat car/van for a group?

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to order a multi-seater car. However, within the web taxi service (app.liftago.com) it is possible to order multiple cars for the same time.

What about VAT for B2B/B2C customers?

Liftago is a VAT payer, so it invoices with VAT. The amount is shown in the app without VAT for business customers (and private customers as well). VAT is added to the monthly invoice.

I received an email about a failed payment on my card, what should I do?

You will need to update your credit card at business.liftago.com. The amount for uncollected payments will be automatically charged in the following days.

I want to change my payment method from card to billing or vice versa. How do I proceed?

If you change your payment method, please contact sales@liftago.com.

When switching from billing to credit card, you need to select card payment in the payment method and then add the card.

I accidentally paid an invoice twice, what should I do to get a refund?

To receive a refund of a duplicate payment, please contact our finance team at purchasing@liftago.com, we will then inform you of the method and date of the refund.

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