Where do I add additional employees to my business account?

You can add your employees in the users section under the mobile app. By adding them, you authorize users to use Liftago services on your company's account. For a larger number of employees, you can use bulk employee management. You will find a template in the respective section. You can assign cost centers to individual users for better cost organization or set a monthly limit to restrict maximum spending.

If you want to grant access to the web application to other individuals, in the users section, choose the web app tab and select the admin or booker role.

Where can I find an overview of the rides?

On the main page of the web app or in the payments and billing section. In the table, you have the option to download a summary for each month.

Where can I change/renew my password?

To change your password when logging in to your business account, click the forgot password button.

Where do I change/add a business account administrator?

You can manage administrators in the users section under the web app tab. You can add any number of administrators.

Where do I add an email for invoicing?

In the account details section, enter the email to billing email for invoices and summaries section. Separate multiple email addresses with a comma. We send overviews in encrypted emails for higher personal data protection. If the email recipient needs access to overviews, make sure they have the password, available in the payments and billing section, or add them as an administrator among the users in the web app.

Where do I change billing details (address, company name, VAT number, etc.)?

In the payments and billing section.

I switched companies, how do I move to another company profile?

Remove yourself from the users for the web app in your current company and ask the administrator in the new company to add you as an administrator.

I am unable to log into the web application, what should I do?

Try to reset your password on the forgot password page.

Is it possible to use Liftago for group transportation?

In the mobile application and web application, you can order multiple cars simultaneously as individual orders.

What about VAT for corporate/private customers?

Liftago is a VAT payer, so it invoices with VAT. The amount is shown without VAT in the application for corporate customers as well as for private customers. VAT is added to the monthly invoice or to each payment.

I received an email about a failed payment on my card. What should I do?

You need to update your payment card in the business administration. The amount for unpaid payments will be automatically deducted in the following days.

I want to change the payment method from a card to billing or vice versa, what should I do?

You can change between invoicing and card payment in the payments and billing section.

I accidentally paid an invoice twice, what should I do to get a refund?

To recieve a duplicated payment, please contact our finance team at purchasing@liftago.com, and we will inform you about the refund process and timing.

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